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November 23, 1932. The Kyrgyz National State Design Office "Kyrgosprojekt" was established.

- The specialists of "Kyrgosprojekt" were authorized to prepare design reports and cost estimates for construction of dwelling houses and public utilities, trade and storage premises, administrative and public buildings. In 1939 "Kyrgosprojekt" was reorganized into the Kyrgyz National State Trust.

May 28, 1951. The Council of Ministers of the Kyrgyz SSR adopted a decision on establishment of the National Design Institute "Kyrgosprojekt" under the Department of Construction.

- Some small design organizations joined the Institute "Kyrgosprojekt". The staff of this Institute was replenished by high qualified specialists, its material base was improved. The Institute began to create its own traditions.

October 20, 1954. On the basis of the Institute "Kyrgosprojekt" there was established a Kyrgyz State Design Institute of Urban and Rural Construction "Kyrgyzgiprogorselstroy"

- Beginning from this time the specialists of "Kyrgyzgiprogorselstroy" besides designs of large administrative buildings developed three series of typical designs of dwelling buildings, cultural and public buildings for urban and rural construction. The staff of the Institute constantly and on a large scale developed designs of industrial buildings - integrated industrial plant, house-building integrated plant (DSK), reinforced-concrete structures-producing plant (ZBI-1).

July 6, 1957. In connection with the specialization of design organizations carried out in the republic, the Institute was renamed into "Kyrgyzgiprostroy".

- Towns Osh, Karakol, Naryn, Talas, Jalal-Abad, district centres and such resort complexes on the Issyk-Kul lake as Cholpon-Ata, Boz-Teri, Dolinka, Chok-Tal, Kosh-Kol and many others were constructed according to the designs of master plans, developed by the specialists of the Institute "Kyrgyzgiprostroy".

- All designs were prepared taking into account industry and infrastructure development. Much attention was paid to the environment protection with a rational selection of engineering systems provided for developing towns; there were developed water supply and sewerage systems for towns and settlements throughout the whole territory of the republic, there were considered and decisions taken on different options of heat supply using power and solar plants.

- During many years of its functioning the Institute created and improved designs of children's pre-school institutions, polyclinics, hospitals, drug-stores, maternity homes.

- "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" designed thousands of structures for different purposes. There were created large architectural structures, many of them now are architectural and historical monuments of the Kyrgyz Republic.

- Designing of large structures was always the most important work of the Institute. In particular, type design of construction engineering structures, development of type designs of brick and reinforced-concrete buildings for mass construction, as well as individual and experimental designs of many-storeyed dwelling and public buildings.

- "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" was the first organization on the territory of our republic, that began to develop designs of complicated structures to be constructed on the areas of high seismicity. It was for the first time in the building practice in the area of high seismicity that 5- and 9-storey buildings were constructed from flat cross-shaped reinforced concrete elements, as well as large-panel buildings. In 1975 the staff of the Institute was awarded with the State Prize of the Kyrgyz SSR in the sphere of science and technology for design development of large-panel dwelling buildings of 105 series.

- "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" is the main design institute for resort houses at the coast of the Issyk-Kul lake. The specialists of "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" prepared a large volume of design reports for construction of sanatoriums, resort houses, boarding houses, motels for different enterprises and organizations of our republic and neighbouring Central Asian countries.

- "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" is the main institute in the sphere of designing of water supply and sewerage systems for towns and settlements of our republic. The designs of water supply systems were developed for Frunze, Osh, Naryn, Przhevalsk and Kant towns.

April 26, 1993. The Design Institute "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" was reorganized into the Joint Stock Company of the open type "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" with 100% private capital.



Possessing high qualified specialists, modern facilities, a good material base and equipment, the JSC "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" today is the most competent organization in the sphere of design.

We design all types of buildings and structures, engineering systems for towns, settlements and different constructions, resort houses, premises for public health sphere. We re-profile the purpose of buildings, develop designs of their overhaul and reconstruction.

We have obtained a large experience of design in different natural-climatic conditions and under special construction conditions: high seismicity (Magnitude 8.9 and more than 9); soil subsidence and swelling; perpetually frozen ground; landslides.

Design period is optimal. The cost of design work - can be agreed, we take into consideration interests and possibilities of the clients. Design plans and cost estimates are traditionally prepared on a high professional level. The department of technical information is functioning at the Institute. "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" has a large library. Using the Institute's archive it is possible to study the history of architecture and construction in the republic.

We have a large practical experience of work with foreign investors and subcontractors from the USA, Italy, Germany, England and Turkey, including exchange of technical assignments, information exchange, agreement of design solutions, adaptation of designs to local conditions and standards. "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" was conferred the World Quality Commitment International Star Award. Paris. 2001.

The staff of the JSC "Kyrgyzgiprostroy" have no any doubts that any designs will be implemented quickly, with a good quality and economical expediency.


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